Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

Why Use A Self Storage Business For Your Patio Furniture?

Billie Gonzalez

Are you ready to put the patio furniture away for the season? If you're not sure what to do with your outdoor table, chairs, and other accents, take a look at what you need to know about seasonal furniture and choosing a self-storage business.

Why Should You Use Self Storage For Patio Furniture?

Your patio furniture spends most of its life outdoors. But does this mean you should store it outside too? 

Even though the table, chairs, and other pieces stay outside of your home for most of the spring, summer, and fall, these items don't have to remain in the elements during the colder months of the year. Some types of patio furniture can't stand up to the chilly winter temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice. The weather could cause sensitive items to crack, split, or may result in discoloration. 

Unlike the outdoor environment, the interior of a rental unit is warm in the winter. You also won't need to worry about snow, ice, or water damage. If some or all of your furniture is temperature and humidity sensitive, choose a climate-controlled unit. These storage rentals have a constant mid-range setting that won't get too cold, too hot, overly humid, or excessively dry—regardless of the winter weather.

What Types of Patio Furniture and Items Should You Store?

There isn't one specific type of item to put into a rental unit. Common outdoor pieces that renters choose to store over the winter months include patio tables, chairs, benches, umbrellas/sun shades, or accessories and appliances (such as fabric curtains, planter pots, movable fire pits, grills, or small-sized kitchen appliances that you use for outdoor events and activities). 

What Types of Patio Items Shouldn't You Store?

Consult the storage facility's non-allowable items list before you place anything into your rental unit. Many facilities won't allow renters to store flammable, combustible, or perishable belongings. These could include some types of fire pits, some types of grills, fuel for a fire pit or grill, charcoal, or live plants. 

Which Self-Storage Company Is the Right Choice?

Where should you store your out-of-season patio furniture? Before you sign a lease, decide whether you will only store your furniture for the next few months or the entire year. If you will need a long-term storage solution for the furniture or you plan to use a unit in the warmer months to store fall and winter items, you may need a 12-month lease. But if you will only use the unit until the spring, consider a short-term or monthly option.

Along with the lease term, you will also need to decide on the size and climate controls. Choose a unit that comfortably fits all of the items. Make sure you don't have to cram or crush furniture into the unit. While you can stack some pieces, your storage rental should have enough space to place delicate items on their own. For more information, contact a self-storage company near you.


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