Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

Lesser Known Tricks That Can Help To Keep Your Items In Good Condition When In A Self Storage Facility

Billie Gonzalez

When you place items in a self-storage facility, you probably want to take your items out and have them be in the same condition they went in as. Unfortunately, though, people make mistakes when storing their belongings, and those mistakes can affect the condition of the items. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help keep your items in good condition while they are being stored. If you are planning to store items, you may wish to utilize one or more of these tips. 

Placing a Plastic Tarp or Canvas Sheet Over the Floor of the Storage Unit

If you are looking to place items in a storage facility, one of the ways that you can protect your belongings is to place a plastic tarp, plastic sheeting, or a canvas sheet over the floor of the storage unit. Storage units have concrete floors in them. These concrete floors can retain moisture and can get hot and cold, depending on the weather. Moisture and extreme temperatures can then affect any items that are placed directly on the concrete pad. Covering the pad helps to reduce these problems, helping to keep your items a little safer. 

Using Cat Litter or Charcoal Briquettes to Minimize Moisture in the Unit

Another lesser-known way that you can minimize damage to items that you place in self-storage units is to place small bowls of cat litter or charcoal briquettes in your unit and replace them regularly. Both cat litter and charcoal briquettes have the ability to absorb moisture in the air. Absorbing moisture can help to minimize the chances of mold or mildew growing on clothes or upholstered items while also reducing other moisture-related problems, such as wood warping or metal rusting. 

Adding Shelving For Long-Term Storage Needs  

Finally, if you are planning on storing items in a self-storage facility for a prolonged period of time, consider adding shelving to your unit. Stacking cardboard boxes on top of each other is fine for a few months, but eventually, those boxes will deteriorate, and the weight of the contents of the higher boxes weigh on the boxes below them. This can be damaging to the items in the boxes and/or can cause your stored boxes to collapse or topple over. Shelving supports the weight of your stored goods and protects the items being stored. 

Thoroughly cleaning and drying your belongings, taking the time to properly pack your items, and following the above tips are all great ways to minimize possible damage that can occur to your belongings while they are being stored. On top of this, you may wish to look for climate-controlled storage units for even more protection while your items are being stored. Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more.


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