Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

Why Your Business Needs Climate Controlled Storage

Billie Gonzalez

Looking to free up some space at your business with the help of commercial storage units? You may be debating if you need to pay for an upgraded unit with climate controls. Here are a few reasons why it is worth making the upgrade for the better storage unit.

You're Storing Electronics

If you have any electronic devices for your business that you are storing, such as extra computer workstations, you are going to need to use climate-controlled storage. These devices do not store well in extreme heat for a few reasons. When the small components inside the devices expand and contrast from being hot and cold, it can cause them to become damaged over time.

In addition, the humidity that items are exposed to in a normal storage unit is not good for electronics either. When moisture gets on the metal components inside your electronics, there is a high chance that it causes the part to rust. This can significantly reduce the life of those electronic devices you were looking to store for a different day. 

You're Storing Furniture

Do you run a business where clients frequently come in and you're trying to make the best impression on them? If so, you do not want furniture that is damaged, and that can happen if you store certain items in a normal storage unit. 

Wood furniture has the potential to warp over time due to extreme weather, and take a nice furniture item and turn it into something that does not present that well. Leather furniture has the potential to crack from being exposed to extreme temperatures well, which will ruin the look of anything nice you were saving to use for the future. 

You're Storing Physical Media

Are you planning to store physical media that your business doesn't need at the moment? This includes hard drives with old customer files, DVDs, or CDs with backup data, or even the disc-based media used to install your software? These items can easily become damaged when left in a normal storage unit. You likely have data that is either worth thousands of dollars or is irreplaceable on your physical media, so you want to do all that you can to protect it while in storage. If not, you may as well just throw the things away, because there will be no point in holding onto them.

Reach out to a climate-controlled storage facility to find out how else they can benefit your business.  


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