Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

How To Useyour Storage Unit For Holding Emergency Supplies

Billie Gonzalez

Are you worried about what you would do in the event of an emergency? If so, you may be looking at a self storage unit as a way to store your emergency supplies. It can be a great way to store items so that they are ready to go in case a big storm comes through and you cannot stay in your home. These tips will help you do it.

Keep Items Off The Floor

If a big storm does come through, you may get water in your storage unit. That is why you should plan to not store anything directly on the floor. This will keep everything dry in case water does get in.

One way you can do this is by installing movable shelves inside your storage unit. It will make it easier to stack odd shaped items on top of each other, while also keeping everything easily accessible. You can also find items that will raise your belongings off the floor. Find some used pallets that you can line the floor with, which will give you a few inches of protection against incoming water.

Store Items in Plastic Containers

You will want to keep things safe in your storage unit, especially if you are dealing with a storm. That is why you should stay away from using cardboard boxes for storage and go with a container that is more durable. Plastic containers are going to be able to withstand water if it does get into the unit, and you will be able to easily see inside each container to gauge what is inside it.

Plastic containers are also very easy to stack on top of each other, allowing you to easily get to containers on the bottom of a large stack by just moving a few of the containers.

Store Shelf Stable Food In Cans

The best way to store food is in cans. Items in cardboard boxes can still attract pests that can easily chew through the cardboard and plastic bag. Metal will stop all pests from getting into the food, and keep things fresh.

However, food in storage is not something that you should store and forget about. Try to rotate out older items with newer items over time. That way you do not have stored food that is incredibly old, and you can use it at home while it is still fresh. Replace the used cans with newer ones that you buy at the store on sale.


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