Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

Climate-Controlled Units And Other Ways To Protect Items In Storage

Billie Gonzalez

Your primary concern when getting a unit for storage of some items is probably whether the unit will be able to hold everything you'd like to put in it. However, preparing things beforehand and thinking of how they'll fare in storage is smart if you don't want to end up replacing everything. Protect items in these ways:

Opt for Climate Control

Hot summers may pass by during the life of your rental contract. You may not know it yet, but leaving certain belongings in a dark, closed unit in extreme conditions can result in damage. Humidity and moisture could possibly destroy different electrical and metal components of your electronic devices and can create mildewy conditions in various stored appliances. A unit that keeps the temperature constant can allow you to store things away without worrying that they'll be destroyed whenever you appear again. This can be vital if you're storing televisions, microwaves, freezers, refrigerators, digital clocks, tablets, laptops, and other computers.

Use Pallets

Protecting objects from disturbances that originate outside of your personal unit may not be on your mind. However, nearby units could contain liquids which could find a way to onto your unit's floor. Wood pallets can keep all your boxes from touching the floor so if there's a problem, items are preserved.

Wrap Paper Products

If you're going to store away special personal or business documents or just like to save old newspapers, it's wise to wrap them up so that they're not vulnerable to spills, flooding or excessive moisture that can affect the paper.  Packing these documents or paper products inside a plastic or vinyl sleeve is a good way to lock moisture and air out so the paper remains crisp and usable.

Label Breakable Objects

You probably think you've packed everything well and know what you've got stored so there's no need for a "Fragile" or "Breakable" note on boxes, but it could help. Your memory might not last long and if you've got a friend or spouse you send into the unit, they could mistakenly handle the wrong boxes roughly. Jotting down a simple word of warning is wise.

Pack Boxes Completely

You may not want to have a hard time lifting and moving your boxes, so you could plan to pack a bit skimpier. This could lead to a lot of stacked, collapsed boxes because they couldn't bear adequate weight. Eliminate that possibility by filling as much as possible.

Preserve everything in your personal unit by remembering the above details. Your rental company could have more ideas or supplies to further protect belongings. Contact a company that offers climate controlled storage units for more information and assistance. 


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