Freeing Up Space At Home

Freeing Up Space At Home

Finding The Right Storage Unit Features And Budget

Billie Gonzalez

If you haven't leased a storage unit before, or if you never needed anything more than a basic room to store a few random belongings in, you may not notice the different features offered at each facility. Some features should be standard, such as a clean and undamaged storage unit and door, but other features such as heating, air conditioning, moisture control, or even different levels of security aren't a guarantee. Here's an overview of what to look for to figure out if your belongings need a certain facility's touch.

Air Quality And Conditioning

Not all objects can sit inside a closed room with any old type of air quality. Moisture from humidity or leaks can damage some materials, as well as outside pollutants in city areas with air quality problems.

This is a big issue for untreated wood products or sensitive cloth. To protect objects that can rot, grow fungus, mold, or become corroded by air quality problems, air conditioning is the bare minimum.

A heated and/or air conditioned storage unit maintains a stable temperature, and it also has a passive effect of reducing air pollution for enclosed spaces and reducing humidity as part of its cooling process. Although air conditioning alone won't bring problems such as humidity very close to 0%, it's more than good enough for objects kept in trash bags, plastic boxes or other kinds of basic storage that aren't too expensive.

For a step up in air quality, each major problem has a specific solution. Removing dust and air pollutants requires an air filter device rated for the storage room size, while humidity control requires a dehumidifier. These are often additional features with an additional cost, or you may need to look for a storage facility with power sockets for customer units in order to plug in your own devices.

Security Features

If your belongings are expensive enough to be a major setback if they're stolen, you should take security inspection into your own hands. Although most professional storage facilities have adequate security as advertised, it's better to be vigilant to make sure that a facility has the security features that you need. For example, in addition to video surveillance, security guards are necessary if theft is a realistic concern. This can range from guards at a check-in office to roving security guards at later hours.

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